Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When the Universe Speaks....

In a previous post I briefly touched on having the February Blues. Well, to be honest, February was a crummy month. I went into it with a lot of energy and then I got sick with a morphing cold (it kept changing into other illnesses). And if that wasn't enough to suck the creative juices out of me, I had to give up the Sugar & Spice Art Retreat I was planning to attend this summer. Life threw some unexpected expenses our way, so I had little choice in the matter. I was (and still am) bummed about it. I had been planning on going since I had first heard about it last year. You know how life is though. It throws things at you just to see how you are going to deal with it.

So, I wallowed a bit. It's okay to sit in the sadness for a little while. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have a family that doesn't want to sit in the sad with me so, I needed to pull myself out. Over a few days that's exactly what happened.

First, I read this great article about artist Cori Dantini in the March/April issue of Somerset Studio. She doesn't write out business plans, she just works. I'm not one for planning so this really intrigued me. Cori does art shows, has a successful Etsy shop and is a licensed artist. Her story for me is not about magic or luck but more about doing what you love and being open to the possibilities and opportunities. I decided after reading this that's what I need to do. Create, create and create some more and put my work out there. Cori does goals instead o a business plan. I can do goals. Cori has deadlines. I can do deadlines.

Here is Cori Dantini's art on the cover of the current issue of Somerset Studio.

The next thing I did was write a to my art friends in my True Free Spirit class about the "funk" I was in. These ladies are so awesome. They poured out ideas and support. I felt like I was getting a great big virtual hug. Talking to people about your heartaches can be so helpful. I also tried not to be "Oh, woe is me" about it either. I asked for help and solutions and these gals totally stepped up.

The following day my husband asked a question over breakfast. "How do you see yourself in your business?"

It didn't take long to answer. "I see myself working from home and eventually teaching in cool places when the kids are older."

Then he asked how I can make money from home and somehow licensing came up (probably the Cori Dantini article). From there the topic of Lilla Rogers' new licensing e-course came up. I had previously dismissed this course because of the art retreat. He and I talked about it, researched it and Lilla Rogers (a very successful licensing agent/artist) and I've signed up for course. That day I ran out and bought Lilla's book and read it over the weekend. Her approach speaks to me. She's not about "make art that sells by sacrificing your style". She's about "make your art and see how you can make it work in the market place".

Lilla Rogers book, I Just Like to Make Things

Her e-course is Make Art That Sells

All these little things that happened over the first few days of March have totally re-energized me. I'm scanning art into my computer to get prints done and open a shop in April. I'm working on paintings because I may have my art displayed in my beauty salon (they participate in a neighboring town's art scene). I'm working on learning Photoshop Elements to spruce up my blog and perhaps creat original art. I'm carrying a planner around to write goals for the week and month. I'm not creating a business plan. I'm figuring out things I need/want to do and putting in a deadline. It's all very exciting.

I know it still stinks that I had to give up the retreat but I also know I will meet the artists and friends attending it in the future. My goal for the year is to focus on my business. I guess the Universe is guiding me to do that.

Some original cardboard art of mine.

Adorable Dog


Have a wonderful day! Go create something!



  1. i love you (just wanted to tell you).
    follow the whispers...

    1. Thanks, Nolwenn! I so appreciate your being here in my life!

  2. Dear Lynda:

    I can totally identify with what you are saying here!
    I lost my job 3 years ago and ended up having to live off savings, dipping into my retirement etc. I found a job but it pays $10,000 less than I made before. I feel rotten when I see all my friends on Facebook talking about the art retreats they will be attending. I feel like Cinderella while her sisters go to the ball.

    You are lucky to have a group of supportive "sisters" to help you in the rough times.

    It's nice to see someone honest about their feelings and not sugarcoating everything in their life. I've had a very rough February too (and it looks like it's continuing into March).

    Here's to better days for both of us!

    I may check out Lilla's book. It is on my amazon wish list!

    Have an artful day!

    1. Hey, Sandra. I'm glad you liked my blog post. I think it's important to be honest because it helps everyone. No one's life is perfect. Seeing how someone gets over the rough patches gives everyone hope. Spring is blooming in NC. I hope spring will bring good stuff into your direction!

  3. This whole 1st part of the year has been the worst start to a year ever, and it seems to be widespread. But, as with you, March is starting to look up a little. I just bought that issue of Somerset, but just looked at the pictures - need to go back and read the articles! Glad it got you jump-started - maybe it will do the same for me!

    1. I do the same thing, Janet. I look through a mag and then I go back and read the articles. I hope the magazine helps you. All things happen when they are supposed to. I've learned that the past few weeks! Thanks for visiting!