Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flora Frustration...Sort of

So, the family is on the mend. The kids are all better and I have some allergy stuff going on but nothing Sudafed won't cure. I was able to get back into the studio to work on my Flora Bowley's Bloom True paintings and I was totally frustrated yesterday. I had been really good with keeping up with the class until we were all besieged by illness. I had little interest in doing anything. I had left off with sketching images on the canvas. I sketched whatever I felt I saw or was motivated to draw.

I kept turning the painting around and just went with the flow. Well, two weeks later I no longer felt connected to my paintings. I'd lost momentum and I wasn't pleased with anything I was trying to do. Today, fortunately, was better. I continued with the elements I liked and focused on that in the painting.

Flora does a lot of birds and it wasn't my intention to do birds. One emerged and I just kept going. We have a bird feeder out our front window and I love watching the birds flying about. I find it soothing. My birds look different from Flora's so I'm going to go with it. This is definitely a different style of painting for me. The class wraps up officially this weekend. I'll write a post about it after it ends and I finish one painting. Then I can give my honest opinion on the course.

Monday, March 5, 2012

We've Been Sick

Everyone in my household has been sick the past two weeks. I'm talking nasty colds, migraines, ear infections and other stuff I won't mention. I have had zero desire to do ANYTHING! I managed to finish some ATCs for a group I'm in. The theme for March was Fairy Tales. I went the Three Little Pigs route. I did watercolor blobs of piggies and houses and then added details with colored pencil and black pen. I think they're cute. We are finally feeling better so, I hope to get back to my Bloom True paintings soon!

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