Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I'm Working On

Here is my latest painting. It's part of a whimsical animal series I've been doing.


He's so darn cute. Or she is. I don't know if its a boy or girl. It's just cute!

This other drawing I'm referring to as a zenanimal or zen drawing of an animal. I learned a version of this technique from Carla Sonheim. I took one of her Draw Silly courses a year ago. Every day I received a worksheet with a fun exercise to do (very similar to a worksheet you'd get in grade school). Basically you create the animal in one continuous line. After creating the animal you go over some lines, making them thicker. I found it very relaxing and zen like.

In my version I started like Carla but I took it a step further. I added more lines and curves. I focused on making the line, how it curved and filling in color. I knew this would be relaxing so, I did it before bed and had nice mellow music playing. I slept like a baby. But it could've been the Zyrtec.


Don't ask what kind of animal it is. I have no clue.

I'm really trying to increase my drawing practice. I'm going to draw what I want and what I like. Any drawing practice will increase my skills but I want to have fun too!

Keep checking in with me. A new project is in the works!

Have a wonderful day!