Friday, March 15, 2013

When the Universe Speaks Part 2

The other day I wrote this post about getting past the February Blues and into a new frame of mind. Well this week the Universe kept on speaking to me. I found Art & Soul Radio.


They have wonderful interviews with some of the best artists mixed media. It's sponsored by the famous Art & Soul Retreats. You can listen to the podcasts on their website or subscribe via iTunes. I listened to interviews with Jane Davies, Jesse Reno, Carla Sonheim, Pam Carriker and Marissa Anne of Creative Thursday.

All the interviews were so inspiring to me. Each person had a different story and each person wasn't so different from me. Pam Carriker is a busy Mom like me. Neither Carla or Jesse have formal art training. They all love to play and experiment with art supplies. All of them had helpful insight on getting past blocks and obsticals to making art. I felt like these artists were encouraging me in my new attitude. It was so uplifting to listen to each of these interviews! I was even inspired to write down encouraging phrases. I'll eventually paint each of these and hang them in my art room as reminders.




In other news, next week I should have my first online store open! I will be partnering with Fine Art America. They are a print on demand resource for artists and my art will be available as prints and canvases for sale. How cool is that! I will announce the official opening here on my blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

I am also taking a course on using Photoshop to beautify my blog. Keep watching as changes are made to make it super snazzy. (Unless I get totally frustrated and chuck my computer out the window!)

Here are some links to the other places you can find me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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