Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frustration and Fun

So, I started with this very cool background.


Then I added a girl.


Then I decided it needed to be night and I ruined it.


Total frustration! I can't get the background like I want!


Now, I just want to have fun!





I'm taking Juliette Crane's e-course, How to Create Whimsical Animals. These images are from sketchbook week. This class is wonderful (and we just started week two!). There are no other six week courses out there that focus on animals. Trust me, I've looked. Juliette has a very free, intuitive style and I enjoy that a lot. Hopefully taking a break from my other painting will help me to get it where I want it to go. The girl is so cute. She needs an awesome background. It will get there I'm sure.

Juliette's course is available until August 2013. There is plenty of time to join in the fun. I'll be posting my work for the course so, stay tuned!