Monday, March 4, 2013

Printing Fun with My Gelli Plate

I've been working on a large painting for about a month. I'm pretty sure it's finished (post on it coming soon) and I wanted a break from creating a painting of any kind. So, I pulled out my Gelli Plate by Gelliarts and made papers!


The Gelli Plate is a gelatin like surface that can be used over and over again to create interesting textures on paper. I have this fabulous art video from artist Jane Davies and she uses the Gelli Plate. (She also has other wonderful painted paper techniques. I highly recommend the video). There are also many videos on YouTube showing how to use the Gelli Plate.


A scene from the video. I watch the disc on my computer so I can paint along.

This plate is so fun to use. My daughter helped out too. It's like magic when you lift the paper up to see what you created.

Here are my piles of goodness!

I used a variety of paints, stamps, stencils and found objects to create these papers. The possibilities are endless! I will likely add more layers to these papers and then I will use them in my art!

If you have a Gelli Plate I hope I've inspired you to take it out and play. If you don't, you can use plexiglass, freezer paper (the shiny side) or paint palette paper to create Monoprints, but the Gelli Plate rocks!



  1. What a gorgeous stack of papers you've made!

  2. Great papers!
    I have a Gelli plate, too. They are a lot of fun!
    I have a question about the "target" design on the second set of papers. Is it a rubber stamp? If so may I ask where you got it?
    Or is it a found object?

    Thank you!

    1. Sandra, the target design is actually a rubber coaster from Target. It was in the section with the kitchen utensils. I love using found objects.

  3. Gorgeous, colors and designs. Neverending, isn't it? The Gelli has really taken over. Such a gift to have.

  4. Thanks, Judy! I don't take out the plate enough but when I do, look out!