Friday, November 11, 2011

Jane Davenport's New Class

I recently took Jane Davenport's e-course, Supplies Me. I was intrigued because this course covered how to use a multitude of art supplies. I have quite the stash do, this course was just right for me. Another element of the class was drawing girlies. I had zero interest in drawing girls, mostly because I thought I couldn't do it. Well, after drawing along with Jane, I have managed to make some pretty decent girls. I still need to practice to get better and Jane's methods are easy to learn and follow. Now, here is the best news. Jane has a new class starting November 21st. It's called I Heart Drawing. It is eight weeks of drawing the female form. Even better news, click this link and you can get a special discount because you read my blog. Jane has an awesome personality and an awesome teacher. Her classes have continuing access after the run so, you have plenty of time to draw along with Jane.

Here are some photos of what I've done taking Supplies Me.

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