Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AEDM- The Final Day

The Art Every Day Month challenge has come to a close. Even though I didn't post to my blog every day, I can say I did create almost every day. I may not have been in my studio 7 days a week (more like 2 days a week if I was lucky) but I did sketch almost every night before bed. I have a nice little set up with pencils and water soluble markers and crayons. I might do homework from one of my e-courses or just sketch something random. My creative time may have only been 10 minutes some nights, but it was something. I'm happy I took this challenge because it got me into the habit of doing daily sketching and that was a personal goal. 

This past weekend I also created profit for the retail industry (Merry Christmas Shopping!) in addition to the work pictured below. 

This is some homework from my I Heart Drawing e-course. 
This is homework from my She Art 2 e-course (still working on her). 
This is from my sketchbook.


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