Monday, August 12, 2013

Making the Transition

Well, we have survived my son's first week of kindergarten. We only had one glitch the first day, he missed the bus home. Other than that everything has been going very well. I'm more relaxed too. It's easier managing one child at a time. As far as I know, Evan is enjoying Kindergarten. I ask him, "What did you do today?" and he replies "I don't know? Why do you keep asking?". At least he's not complaining, right?

I spent last week simmering, getting a feel for my new schedule and thinking about schedules and what to accomplish on what days. After taking Part A of Make Art That Sells and participating in The Global Talent Search I realized I have a long way to go in building this career. I have a good grasp on creating art. I need to learn how to adapt it to licensing. I knew I wasn't going to be in the top 50 (I'm pretending I made the top 100) of GTS and I think I would've had a panic attack if I did end up as a finalist. I am so not ready to meet the demands of licensing. I really need a Monday - Friday schedule free of kids to be a full time artist. Right now I need the flexibility to drop what I'm doing if I have to. Caitlyn is only in school twice a week and at Nana's a couple times a week. I also suffer from migraines which will knock me right out. So, the next twelve months will be about building my business and portfolio.

I made a brief list of things I feel I need to do in the next 12 months. I'm analyzing my schedule to determine what days are best for creating art, building my business and learning Photoshop and Illustrator. When Caitlyn is at Nana's I have a huge chunk of time to work so, I'm leaning towards those days being dedicated to art making. Caitlyn's preschool days give me over 2 hours of kid free time so, those may be business or uninterrupted learning time. The next twelve months are going to be about discipline too. I am terrible at planning my week and setting goals. I've got to be better at that! Maybe I need to add that to my list of "things to do".

I did accomplish one thing on my list and I'm not referring to buying packing supplies. I opened an Etsy shop! I'm polishing it up and filling the shelves. I still have my Fine Art America store for prints shipping outside the U.S. I will only be shipping within the U.S. with Etsy for now. Fine Art America will also matte and frame prints if that is what you desire. I won't be doing that in the Etsy shop. Etsy will be signed prints and original paintigs Please, visit it often! Make me a favorite. I'll be adding things each week!

Here is the link for my Etsy shop!

And here is also the link for my Facebook Page. Another goal of mine is to utilize Facebook more in showing works in progress and promoting new work. If you like my page you will be updated on new happenings!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate all my readers who follow me. Taking Make Art That Sells has really changed my attitude towards my business. I am motivated and excited about it. I hope more and more people will come along for the ride. I love sharing this journey with you!


P.S. If you are serious about your art and want to build your business, I highly, highly recommend Make Art That Sells. The class I took has an awesome Facebook group and Lilla Rogers is an inspiring teacher. I am sure all future runs of the class are going to be as exciting as the first run. Lilla is filled with excitement for part B (you don't need to take Part A first) and may have other things in the works down the road. It is the best investment I have made for my art and my business.


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