Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Abstracts? Me?

Artist, Carla Sonheim (one of my faves) recently did an awesome thing, she had a series of art classes with a couple of guest artists. I took Between Speech and Silence with Diane Culhane. Her work is abstract and colorful and very, very fun. I created very interesting pieces of art. Lots of color and texture. The classes are now available for self study so I urge you to check out Diane's and the others offered.

We took a line for a walk.

And we collaged and painted abstract landscapes.




I am really enjoying this style of painting. I can make it my own. There is lots of texture and even though its abstract I can include my characters. This is quite different from the art I usually make but I can incorporate my style in there. I also like this style as it's a little more "grown up". A lot of my art is great for children. This style is more adult and yet whimsical. You know I'm going to be me making more. You can purchase prints in my Etsy shop too! How cool is that?


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