Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost Art Day...Found Fun

A couple weeks ago my babysitter cancelled at the last minute. I lost my art time. I wasn't very happy as my art time is limited. Fortunately, it was a nice day so the kids wanted to play outside. While unpacking a green plastic tote of all it's toys, we found a new friend.



My son is also an aspiring photographer. He's not perfect but he is only 4 1/2.

He did do a pretty good job capturing emotion! I love the emotion on Caitlyn's face! Oh yea, and that's a pretty good picture of me too!

I may have lost my art time but I got some wonderful memories of foggy fun instead!




  1. You are all so cute!! What a sweet, unexpected surprise for you! Enjoy them...they grow up QUICK!

  2. Don't you LOVE days like that? Cute family, cute fog!

  3. Guess there was a reason that babysitter wasn't supposed to be there, Lynda. Yes, they grow up so fast, so savor these moments. :-)