Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving On and a Review of Flora Bowley's E-Course

Sorry it's been ages since I posted. Illness struck again in the Metcalf household. Tummy bugs for me and the kids and then migraines for me. Ugh! If it's not one thing it's another, right? Anyway..... When we last left off I was feeling Flora Frustration! Well, I am moving on from the Flora class for now. I tried and tried and could not get this painting to work. There are elements I love and elements I don't.

I like the birds on the left and not the ones on the right. I feel I've lost the layers and depth. The more I worked at it the more irritated I got. Maybe it's too big for me to work on. I usually work smaller. All I know is I need to set it aside for now.
As promised I will give my opinion of the course. I wish I could say "I loved it!" but I didn't. I loved the painting portion despite my frustrations. I think my main issue was the lack of community. I was hoping this course would be the next best thing to an "in person" class. From what I've read online the friendships formed in the "in person" version are as life changing as the painting process. I was hoping for a private Facebook group but they chose Flickr for the social aspect. Flickr is great for posting photos but it didn't do anything for me in the community department. I recently took The Art of Wild Abandonment . This was a sketchbook/art journalling class and they did a Facebook group and it was awesome. The participants were very supportive of each other and if you felt insecure about your work they encouraged you to keep going. I was expecting that from Flora Bowley's Bloom True and it just wasn't there in my opinion. Do I regret taking the course? No. I value the painting process I learned. Flora has a book coming out soon. I will likely get it and will compare the ecourse with the book. That will help me decide if the ecourse is really worth the $200. If the book provides the same info, then why spend the money. I really wanted to love this course. I think Flora is an amazing painter. I have access for a few more months so, I will soak in the videos as much as I can. Maybe my opinion will change in the future. Right now I would recommend it with strong reservations.

This is a family of owls I did for The Art of Wild Abandonment. I did a very layered background like I learned from Flora, then sketched the owls and then I did some masking to preserve portions of the background. Adapting Flora's techniques worked better in a smaller format for me.

I have 3 new courses coming up that I am excited about, How to Paint an Owl, Paint Your Story, and Flower Crazy. These are all whimsical/intuitive painting courses which I am quite drawn to. I'm going to try and be more focused in choosing my courses. I like whimsy and painting without thinking. I'm hoping these courses help free up my style some more.


  1. I like your Flora painting. But, I also love that you are honest in your critique. Your insight is so valuable!

  2. Thanks for the review. I think I may just get the book and go from there!

  3. Hi.
    I have a few issues with this class and I feel the same way. I do not think that it was worth the money at all and I have taken quite a few online classes that offered so much more for less $$$ and with well renowned artists. The final videos were more interesting and finally longer but Flora, often stood in front of what she was painting just when it was getting interesting for me and it was difficult to see what she was doing. A complaint in live classes,too. Flora's painting are beautiful and she is talented but teaching requires more than this.

  4. Hi,
    I was on the point to register to Flora Bowley online class when I saw your mixed feeling about it... It is so expensive, so what do you think about her book ? Is it interesting ? Thanks for telling me what you think about it !!
    Sorry for all the mistakes (I'm french...)