Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flora Frustration...Sort of

So, the family is on the mend. The kids are all better and I have some allergy stuff going on but nothing Sudafed won't cure. I was able to get back into the studio to work on my Flora Bowley's Bloom True paintings and I was totally frustrated yesterday. I had been really good with keeping up with the class until we were all besieged by illness. I had little interest in doing anything. I had left off with sketching images on the canvas. I sketched whatever I felt I saw or was motivated to draw.

I kept turning the painting around and just went with the flow. Well, two weeks later I no longer felt connected to my paintings. I'd lost momentum and I wasn't pleased with anything I was trying to do. Today, fortunately, was better. I continued with the elements I liked and focused on that in the painting.

Flora does a lot of birds and it wasn't my intention to do birds. One emerged and I just kept going. We have a bird feeder out our front window and I love watching the birds flying about. I find it soothing. My birds look different from Flora's so I'm going to go with it. This is definitely a different style of painting for me. The class wraps up officially this weekend. I'll write a post about it after it ends and I finish one painting. Then I can give my honest opinion on the course.


  1. Looking great! This has been an interesting journey for sure with Flora.

  2. Good job pushing through a dry spell - this looks fantastic. I love what you are doing with this : )

  3. I absolutely love the birds! Beautiful!