Monday, August 4, 2014

Things Are Changing

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived. My children are both in school!

It's very exciting for them, especially Caitlyn. She loved preschool and being with friends but only got to go two days a week. Now she is going to have five full days learning and playing with friends.

I thought I would mostly feel over the moon about it all as I finally have time (lots & lots of time) to myself. I'm feeling a little sad though too. I was emptying my car of toys for the park's sandbox that I don't need stored in there anymore. I won't be spending my days trying to find things to entertain the kids. I started to remember when they were toddlers and we'd go out exploring and playing.



My routine is going to be totally different now and they are going to do the majority of their exploring through school. It's wonderful but I know I'm going to miss them. We are lucky here in North Carolina as they offer year round school. My kids will be in school 45 days then off for an average of three weeks. We will be able to have fun and explore each season instead of having to cram in "doing" lots of stuff over the summer.

I know I need time for me. It's been very challenging to do the things I want to do when I have two kids underfoot at home. I admit I didn't always want to go out every day and find things for them to do. I'm going to value our time together more with getting the break. I have also loved seeing Evan grow from attending school. He's reading books to me now! It will be amazing seeing the same growth with Caitlyn.

Here's to changes and growing up. Even though it's a little hard, it's a wonderful gift!



I love these guys!



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