Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Falling in Love with Drawing

My art career began back in 2004. I was a decorative painter and a muralist. I learned to draw and create with my brush. I rarely did anything with a pencil. I was a part of a business group and one of the members wanted me to create a business card for him. I told him this wasn't my thing but I needed the money and he seemed to have faith in me. So I painted a picture of what he wanted. He loved it. Scanned it into his computer and printed out cards. Another member of the group liked the business card and asked me to create a new logo for him. Mind you, I wasn't a graphic designer or an illustrator. I painted murals. But he insisted and I drew a logo for him. Well, his partner (who wasn't a people person) did not like my creation for them and spent 20 minutes telling me how awful I was as an artist and that his 6 year old could do better. (There was a reason this guy didn't represent his company in the group!) I think I cried for several hours after this horrible conversation. It shook my confidence and I left the group a few months later. All artists have stories like this one. Someone comes along and tells them they aren't as great as they think they are. I didn't attempt drawing again until 2 years ago. And, I have to tell you, I love it! It's meditative and fun at the same time. Most important, I do it for me.

I made myself some ground rules when I decided to improve my drawing skills.

Don't label it as "good" or "bad"

Don't compare my work with others

Draw what I like

Draw every day

Explore and have fun

So, I draw fun characters or scribbles. Whatever I feel like. I know every mark is just going to make me better. I post my sketches to Instagram pretty much every day. Here are some I've done in the past week or so.






This giraffe is all pastel and colored pencil.

This owl I did on my iPad with the Adobe Ideas app

Drawing can be so much fun when you let go of your fears and let go of past negative criticisms. I understand not everyone is going to like my work. I believe my audience will find me. So, I'll keep drawing and creating. It brings me joy and finding your joy is what it's all about!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find your joy and give drawing (just for you) a go!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I had a similar experience with a gal who said my stuff wasn't polished. It ate at my spirit for so long, I stopped creating and sharing for awhile. Then I started again, and this lady, whom I never met, sent me two separate emails telling me how I sucked and how great she was and it was proven by the fact that she was in galleries. By this time, however, I realized that some people don't know how to be tactful and some people hide behind a computer screen spewing ugliness just to make themselves feel better.

    Today I create because it makes me feel good. I hope that one day someone will buy my art, but if not... I am just glad to be sharing with the world.

    1. Wow, what is wrong with people? I think that artist who emailed you has issues! You have to create for you first.

    2. I agree... I don't know what that email was all about other, either. Just glad I had reached a point where I was comfortable creating for me, first and foremost and just enjoying the process.

  2. Draw everyday...I like that and totally agree. Hello Hello...hope all is well<3