Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Evolution of a Fox

I thought I'd share with you today how my foxes came about. It actually started with Ed Emberley.

He has a wonderful series of drawing books for children. I think I have them all. Every subject is broken down into shapes. He shows you step by step how to put those shapes together and you get your picture. My children and I have been working through his animal book and they are having a great time. So, during a sketching session I drew a triangle fox.

Later I Googled "foxes" and looked through the images online. I sketched and traced (using my iPad like a lightbox. It has a Zagg Shield on it so I won't scratch the screen) from real photos to get a feel for the fox.

And then I played around with different ways to make him whimsical.

When I put one into a piece of artwork I can play around with his look depending on the medium I am using.



I pretty much do the same process with all my animals. I think about their basic shape. I look at real pictures of them and then I play around with making them cute and whimsical.

If you think you "can't draw" I highly recommend going to the art section in the children's department in your local library and get Ed Emberley's books. They are simple and fun and great for all ages. Once you see that things are made up of shapes you will be able to look at something in real life and break it down into shapes. My cat Oscar is a fat pear with ears for example. (don't tell him I said that).

Be brave. Give drawing a go!

Here is a video interview of Ed Emberley as well!



  1. Thanks for sharing, love your fox's. like seeing your art In classes.

    1. Thanks, Peggy! I so appreciate your stopping by!