Friday, April 12, 2013

A Short Vacation!

April is going to be one busy month. My daughter turns 4 and we have two parties planned, one for family and one for friends. There are two Spring Fling Events this month. Strawberry picking with my son's school and a community yard sale. Whew! I'm exhausted typing all this. It's a good thing we took a short vacation at the beginning of the month!

We went to New Bern, NC. It's about two hours away from Raleigh (which is the area I live). It was a pretty laid back vacation. We mostly did things at the resort where we were staying. It had an indoor pool so, the kids were thrilled. We did take a day to go to Atlantic Beach and the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. The kids had a blast!

Here are some photos from our day.




Silly me thought the kids wouldn't want to go in the water at the beach since it was 55 degrees. I forgot kids are immune to cold (it's why they want to play outside when it's 20 out!). They got soaked! We had to strip them down and buy t-shirts for them to wear on the way home. The joy on their faces made the sandy mess all worth it. I wish we lived closer to the ocean.



I didn't get any art done while I was gone. That's okay. Sometimes you need a break. I'm getting back to work now. I'll be sharing new projects soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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