Thursday, October 23, 2014

Remembering Europe 2004

Ten years ago this week my hubby (then boyfriend) and I spent 10 days in Europe. We started in Canterbury, England then went to Paris, then to London and finished in Killarney, Ireland. We'd only been dating for a couple of months. Jeff was going to Canterbury for business and was planning on staying for a week to see other European cities. He invited me to go with him. Who was I to say no to Paris!

It was fun and crazy with ups and downs hopping from country to country. We actually missed our flight home due to fog in Ireland. When we go again (hopefully) I'd like to stick to one country. It was an amazing trip. We both still think about it. Here are some of my favorite photos from our first vacation together. These were taken on my good old film camera by the way. You remember film, right?









(How young and cute are we!)




(Yep. Typical tourist!)

Killarney, Ireland and County Kerry







I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. I've been very fortunate to do a bit of traveling in my life. When I was a teenager my family went to Australia! My mom has those pictures so I can't share those. I'm not a huge fan of traveling now since it's become such a hassle. We should always be exploring though. There's so much to see in this world and in my own state of North Carolina. Maybe this walk down memory lane will spark some local traveling with the family. Next week I'll share some snippets from our Disney trip. That was an adventure! One hotel room and a 5 & 6 year old. I'm still recovering.


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