Friday, September 12, 2014

All About My Global Talent Search Submission

I decided to give Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search a go again this year. I was really hoping to make a piece good enough for the top 50. I was also looking forward to the challenge as both my kids would be in school and I would have loads of time to work on the piece. Unfortunately Life, Murphy's Law or whatever you want to call it stepped in and mucked up my grand plans. My son got sick and was home for most of my art making time. I've never been good at creating with others around. I can doodle or sketch but I just can't seem to get my head deeply into the creative zone if I have distractions. My final piece has parts I really like but it wasn't what I wanted. The brief was wall art with terrariums and a word or phrase. I had a hard time getting my style to fit into the theme but then I figured out to make imaginary worlds. I created a lot of icons and did my best to assemble the art in Photoshop.

I liked my fairy a lot.


I of course had to have a fox so I tried creating a world with the fairy and the fox in a hand drawn terrarium.


It still quite wasn't what I wanted so I tried something else.


The above was a work in progress and I kept playing around with it but it still wasn't coming together. I didn't like how my sketch was looking in Photoshop. Then I tried collage and my favorite symbol; balloons.


This was better but still not what I wanted. I finally settled on the version below. It's okay but it can still use improvement.

When I saw the talented artists that made the top 50 I realized my painting was needing more. I'd like to believe if I had the time I had originally wanted I would've made something I was more passionate about. Maybe yes, maybe no. I admit I was pretty upset after the top 50 came out. I knew I wasn't going to be in the top 50 with the piece I submitted but when I saw the art that made it (plus a lot of the other pieces) I realized my art isn't where I want it to be. I feel I am struggling far more than I should be at this point. I just really need to buckle down and create, create and create.

Funny thing though, literally the day I was feeling super low about my art and my career, I got these fortunes in my fortune cookies.


The universe does speak to you and will give you a boost when you need it. So, I'm trying very hard to paint or draw daily and I am determined to learn Illustrator and Photoshop. Next year I will kick GTS's a--!


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  1. I think you did great! Nice work, I would totally hang that in my daughters room. :)

    1. Aww, thanks, Jessica! I think it has potential and deserves to be worked on more. I am always my toughest critic.