Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Art Days are Good and Some are Not

I've been playing around with different media and different techniques. Some things are successful and some, not so much. Here are some things from my studio.

Cutie IPad Art

First Go At Coloring in Photoshop


This will become something cause it's too adorable not too.


Love the next three faces so much!



Has potential, maybe...


And in my attempt to be primitive I created this mediocre one


A reject from Braveheart


No! No! No! Put those oil pastels down right now and walk away. It'll be best for everyone.


Some days I create things I am over the moon about. Other days I create well, crap. But that is ok. Every mark I make teaches me something, even if it's never to pick up an oil pastel again (at least not this week). I believe all artists go through this; musicians, novelists, chefs, painters, all creative types. Every artistic individual you love has at one time created something that will never see the light of day. But if you don't make the bad you will never learn how to make the good. So, make something bad and be proud. (You may choose to hide it forever or post it on your blog like me)


Thanks for stopping bye!



  1. Hi, yes I have days like this too!

  2. Waving hello from Zebulon just down the road... I am taking Primitive Portraits too! Nice to meet you!