Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Painting Finished!

Under The Sea

Here is how it transformed.

I blew up a sketch from my sketchbook to get an idea of where I wanted the mermaid to be. My background is paint and bleeding art tissue in mostly reds and oranges.

Then I sketched her in using a Stabilio Marks All pencil. They are water soluble and it looks very cool when wet. The problem is you can't get it wet again. It'll smear. So, I use fluid matte medium instead of water. It gives me the same look and it seals it in.

Her face is coming together.

I used bleeding art tissue for her tail and added details with a medium nib Pitt Pen. Then I used layers of transparent inks and paints to create the sea. I painted the negative space to expose my original background though the seaweeds and seahorses.

The final painting. I think I used every art supply I own. Liquitex paint and inks, bleeding art tissue, Caran Dache Neocolor II Crayons, some pastels and Pitt Pens. This painting is for my daughter. I hope to sell prints of it in the not so distant future.


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  1. So beautiful... I love that you've described your process making it and that it's for your daughter... Caitlyn Mermaid. C x