Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Problems...Arrg! (Update)

So, I am having difficulty with my blog.  That is why it looks strange.  I have a question about my issues out to those who can help.  Hopefully it can get fixed.  In the meantime, I can still post.  That section doesn't seem to be messed up at the moment.  I finished my first assignment for Life Book .  Here are a couple of photos.
(The blog has been fixed.  Unfortunately I had to delete my post about e-courses I am taking to do it.  I will be re-writing the post and putting it up this weekend!)

I really like how she came out.  I'm still practicing my drawing skills and I think they have improved greatly.


  1. Woohoo! Beautiful, Lynda! I opened the lesson, looked at pictures, and left. I think I may be intimidated, but I'm trying to blame my non-performance on being busy... If mine looks a QUARTER as good as yours, I'll be happy!

  2. She's beautiful, Lynda! I wish I could help with your blog issues. Good luck with getting it back to how you want it.

  3. She's beautiful, great job, I must get round to doing mine.

  4. I think she is absolutley beautiful! Just keep it up and you will continue to see improvement!