Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yes, I've Been Absent, but I Have a Good Reason.....

I've been putting together my art studio! I'm so excited to have a whole room devoted to art instead of a corner in our guest room. We are fortunate enough to have a finished walk-out basement. This room used to be a workout room, now it's my studio. It is adjacent to the kids' playroom and I have windows to see into the backyard. I'm hoping my kids will be willing to let me work while they play. So far, they haven't been that willing. Eventually they will have a space for their materials so they can create with me. It is still a work in progress. I am mostly fine-tuning and organizing it. Everything I need to create is at hand and I actually worked in there today for several hours. I'm so excited!

Here is a before photo of the space.

Here it is now!

My work space.

My computer space.

Some of my storage area. Well, this is the pretty stuff. Whenever I saw a sale or had a coupon I would get some of the nice shelving in anticipation of the room.

These French Doors open into the kids play room.

This second She Art Girl I managed to finish today.

I hope you had a wonderful day creating!


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  1. Congratulations on the new space! It looks great!

  2. BEAUTIFUL SPACE! (as i read this post from my desk that's crammed into my 10'x10' living room!)

  3. So excited for you - it gives me hope!!! We are renovating next year and on eof the rooms will be my art studio CANT WAIT! Yours looks great!

  4. Your studio looks great. Such nice light! I love that you can move around your table...mine is against a wall and it gets a tad frustrating at times. I usually end up on the floor. No excuses now..get to it! Julie

  5. It looks fabulous lynda, it must feel good to be in there :)

  6. What a lovely, big, bright creative space (o: You are going to have so much fun in here!! CAn't wait to see more of your beautiful pieces, enjoy xxx